How can I get involved?

Get Involved

Crime is a serious issue that affects everyone no matter where they live, work or play. Crime can cost us money through higher costs in stores, or higher insurance rates and fees. But more importantly it has a serious affect on our personal security that can alter our lives. This can happen by being afraid to go out at certain times of the day or night, being afraid to go to certain areas of our community or perhaps locking yourself in your house making you a prisoner of society.

But there are ways to get involved and crime stoppers is one of those ways. Crime Stopper volunteers across the country and the world are out there helping law enforcement solve crimes and putting those that prey on honest citizens behind bars.

There are two different ways to get involved in the Crime Stopper Program.

One way is to join Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers(NCCS) board. This is a great way to get involved in your community and take an active part in working with other positive citizens from your area plus representatives from local law enforcement agencies. If you would like to join NCCS board, check out the volunteer page or contact us at 970-669-6113.

Volunteering can be rewarding in many ways as it gives you a feeling of accomplishment in achieving positive goals in your community. We hope you consider joining the many crime fighting men and women by joining Crime Stoppers.