Help us solve recent crimes



Successes achieved over the past 30 plus years with your generous donations:

  • Over 3500 cases solved including multiple homicides and a 20 year old cold case
  • Over 3500 individuals arrested
  • Over 80,000 phone calls received
  • Approved over $100,000.00 in rewards
  • We have helped recover and remove over $24 million in Narcotics!
  • In 2003, we received a tip that solved a 19 year old unsolved homicide!
  • We have assisted in solving 20 other homicides!
  • We have received over 6000 phone calls on the JonBenet Ramsey case and continue to receive calls!
  • We received over 1000 calls on the Susannah Chase homicide case – which is now solved!
  • We assisted in identifying over 75 people involved in several riots!
  • We assisted CU in identifying the suspect involved in telephone Terrorist Threats to CU Muslim students!
  • When 9-11 happened our CS phone rang continually regarding Terrorist activities, Anthrax scares etc.!  


Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers operates solely through your donations

 All the monies raised pay rewards, pay for equipment and support our local law enforcement agencies. Donations can be made through PayPal or mailed to our address (below).