Got Tip?

text a tip

texting a tip?

Tipsters now have the option of texting us tips through their cell phone. The process is completely secure and anonymous and is a very effective and efficient means of safely communicating with us in today’s world.

How it works

1 – Text “NOCO [plus your message]” to 274637 (CRIMES)

2 – Upon reception of your first incoming message, the system will auto-reply with a confirmation containing your unique Tip ID.

3 – To submit follow-up information, you simply reply. Nothing else is needed.

4 – All follow-up tips, and even your replies from the application, are written under the original record.  They are shown threaded and date/time stamped in the narrative. The thread may be terminated by the texting STOP at any time.  You can also manually select the “Terminate Thread” button from within the application.

Data rates may apply.